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Congrats to Bill DeShivs - Internet Troll of the year!!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:53 pm
by Rubens Blades
We officially want to congratulate Bill DeShivs,AKA Micheal Burrel,AKA "Mickey",AKA Bill DeShits,for being the absolute best internet troll of the year for 2017! We know the year isn't over yet,but this guy wins hands down!! No one is better at being an angry drunken troll on the net!!

Not only has Bill managed to piss off hundreds of people on the forums,and other social media sites, with his angry old man routine,he has managed to piss off most other decent knife makers in the world with his hilarious antics! His specialty is to bad mouth almost every other knife maker out there, in an attempt to make his mediocre work seem better,so people will pay him crazy prices. His ego is one of the biggest we have seen folks,and it really is too bad that it doesn't match his skills. If he really was a great knife maker,his time would be spent in the shop,and he would'n't be on the internet trolling 18 hours a day,7 days a week.

He loves chasing people around the internet just to bad mouth them, or pass on fake stories he creates to make himself look better. His passion knows no bounds. He is not above lying, creating fake accounts,or using his powers on other forums to change posts or even to pose as other knife makers. This guy is the best at what he does!! Too bad he isn't that good making knives,because then we might have some shred of respect for him.

But wait!,There's more!
Bill,Micheal,Micky,...whatever his real name is, also loves to do the same thing to knife websites that refuse to carry his sub standard products!! The best antic Bill uses is to tell you how important he is,and tell you how he is warranty for many different small knife companies. His anger and trolling,seems to be growing because no one wants to buy from those companies anymore,because of him! The knives come back from warranty worse than from the factory!! So thank you Bill for sending all those angry customers to autoknife!! We had a great year thanks to you!!

His final tactic is the best we have seen so far. He loves to do most of his dirty work on a very seedy public knife forum that is based,and owned by someone in another country. Far from the reach of any Federal agencies. The best part is that anyone that even dares to defend themselves,are banned and blocked,after their posts have been edited (not in a good way)by Bill. Way to go Bill!!! What a great tactic!!

We hear that this year,he is trying to branch out and troll even more people,and hear rumors of attacks on firearm manufacturers and instructors!

So here's to you, DeShits.......Congratulations!!! We will send you an e-mail at with your prize.

His sidekicks,or helpers get an honorable mention. They are Natcherly,Dave Sause,JerrBear,MetalGod,Don C.,Tequiza,and Jim Brown.These are the guys ruining the forums.

Stay tuned for this years runners up!!!!

Re: Congrats to Bill DeShivs - Internet Troll of the year!!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:37 am
by twstdmtltwstd
So I am an absolutely newly registered member as of today.
I wrote my intro...I hate writing intros
Then I notice this "troll" post which went up 10 months ago...the post now having 580+ views and zero (zero I said to myself) replies?
Apparently no one has a ten foot pole?
I could, myself, expound on the message as I suppose several of the 580+ viewers could have, but to what end?
I also have had my own personal experiences with the aforementioned players.
Does absence make the heart grown fonder?

Re: Congrats to Bill DeShivs - Internet Troll of the year!!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:58 pm
by Rubens Blades
Most people are scared to say anything,but not me. I got tired of being chased around the internet by a bunch of crazies that had something to prove. You either make good knives or you don't. Talking about it, and how great you are does not make it so. But to answer your question,No. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder in this case. It's way more peaceful being away from that group.

Re: Congrats to Bill DeShivs - Internet Troll of the year!!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:36 pm
by sammy da blade
Waiting on the runner up

Re: Congrats to Bill DeShivs - Internet Troll of the year!!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:06 pm
by Rubens Blades
Will announce at the end of the year,but it is probably going to be dave sause. :D

Re: Congrats to Bill DeShivs - Internet Troll of the year!!

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 1:24 am
by Madmarco
I'm a bit late on this topic but, I recently bought a couple of manual folders from a store on another site that also has it's own forum, I won't say which one but, we all know it, and after my purchase, paid a visit to the forum. Anytime someone would inquire about RSI, that clown de shits would pipe-in with some very nasty comments about RSI, JB, and Chad. I had read on his profile that he is the ONLY authorized individual to do repairs or customization on various brands, and thought to myself "Wow, this guy must really know his stuff", but after reading his insults and childish behavior, I began to have serious doubts, and this thread has confirmed my suspicions that de shits is a seriously insecure, simpleminded, immature GOOF! Seems to me we should be thanking our lucky stars that he doesn't, or isn't allowed to participate here. I was so upset by his put-downs of people I consider to be stand-up guys, that I nearly joined that forum, just so I could rebut his comments and tell him just what I thought of him, but ultimately decided to not get involved and to just let all those miserable clowns stick to themselves and not grace them with any intelligence. I can count on 1 hand the people I really don't care for in this world, and bill de shits is the middle finger! 8-)

Re: Congrats to Bill DeShivs - Internet Troll of the year!!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:44 am
by Madmarco
Got an update for ya guys! I'm also a member of another forum that was introduced to me by a seller that sold me a couple of manual Japanese folders, and I feel it's a pretty stand-up spot, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and over-all a pleasant additional pastime. I just got an email through the site from de shits, and he said verbatim, "I just want you to know that I'm aware of your despicable comments about me you posted on JB's "forum" ". Notice the quotation marks around forum, as if to say it's not a legitimate forum. I replied with both barrels telling him, that if he didn't like people bad-mouthing him, maybe he should grow-up and stop doing the exact same thing that he's calling me on. I went on to say, that he seems to think that because he had a very small part in the design of a sub-par knife, that gives him some moral authority over other people, and if he can't handle a taste of his own medicine, then stop doing it to others. I told him that I wished we were face-to-face, in case he was thinking I wouldn't speak this way to him if we were. I blasted him with much more, but you get the idea. My point is, that miserable old clown is trolling around on this site, so if the mods have a way to detect him, please do so, and tell him he's NOT welcome here! 8-)