Badlands Blades "Salamander" by "duke"

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Badlands Blades "Salamander" by "duke"

Postby Fredo » Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:19 am

I met Duke through this forum and we've sort of gravitated toward each other. He told me that he has been building fixed blades knives for almost 20 years and has enough of a reputation that his knives go for several hundred dollars. He's also been experimenting with making his own Damascus steel and is very interested in switchblades, particularly the making of. Some of you will recognize the "Badlands Blades" etch on this knife, but he also uses "Duke". My guess is that within the next year you will all know him because of his builds and mangles of switchblades. He is a fine gentleman and a dear friend to me already. I sent him a chunk of Matt Manning's stabilized box elder burl, and under duress from his wife, he made me a knife using it for scales. The knife is 440C and a little over 7-1/4" long by 5/8" wide and weighs a svelte 4 oz. Duke has three speeds: average, sharp and scary sharp. This one is sharp and shaves hair from my arm quite easily.

It's a real honey of a knife, providing a "choil" resting spot for your index finger and with filework to give your thumb a nice secure place to rest. It's a small knife, but the grip is superb and very secure, even without a traditional guard.


This double-dyed block of burl was mostly red with just a patch of blue. Since I'm right handed, I'm calling this the "front" side. Duke may be left handed, because he put the prettier scale on the back and that's where he marked it.


Ya gotta love Matt's stabilized woods. You can stare at them for hours and watch little faces and shapes emerge.


Duke opted for black spacers because he thought the red would be too close to the scales. I really like his filework and the contrast with the black shows it off to its best advantage.


This is the "business side" - clean and simple.


Duke and I have very similar tastes and he's already secured one cool automatic.

So this is my big public thank you. Thank you ever so much, Mr. Charlesworth, SIR!

Seriously, Duke is a great guy and you should all feel free to reach out to him, if only to chat about knives.

I hope you all like the post and the knife. I know I surely do.

PS Duke and his fellows were trying to decide what to call this color, which wasn't red and it wasn't pink. One of the ladies said it was "salamander". So, that's what we are calling it, The Salamander.

Re: Badlands Blades "Salamander" by "duke"

Postby Rubens Blades » Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:04 pm

Nice knife,can't wait to see more autos from him. :D
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