OFC003 Desk knife letter opener by Duke Charlesworth

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OFC003 Desk knife letter opener by Duke Charlesworth

Postby Fredo » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:08 am

I picked up this little blade years ago and had it on my desk as a letter opener. I'd made a sheath out of a piece of pasteboard reinforced with tape and staples, but somehow the point was always popping through. So I sent it to Duke to see what he could manage, and as you can see, he managed quite well. The knife is 6-1/2" overall.

First he created a little guard out of solid NS and soldered it to the blade. Then he pinned on a couple of scales using that same turquoise black ash burl as the 9" AKC swinger. He actually added a little suede lanyard but I took it off for polishing and I've mislaid it on my desk, so it didn't make the photograph. He created a really nice little sheath and tooled it with my initials.


Since the knife is so symmetrical, there is no real front or back; this is the other side.


It's a sweet piece now.

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