Can anyone confirm if this site is level to buy from

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Can anyone confirm if this site is level to buy from

Postby J89613 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:38 pm

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Re: Can anyone confirm if this site is level to buy from

Postby Rubens Blades » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:14 pm

Well,seeing as how I know the guy personally and have done business with him for years,I would say yes,the site it legit.

Look in the Butterfly knife section of this forum and you will see a bunch of people that are having a blast ordering from that site. :D
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Re: Can anyone confirm if this site is level to buy from

Postby thorwor » Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:33 am

I've been dealing with Mr. Benson for many years now. He is fair and honest but has a low tolerance for BS... and so would you if you had to deal with the morons that he has endured over the years... I imagine that is why he has had to completely re-tool his websites simply to make things easier for those who lack the mental fortitude to understand that one cannot stay in business constantly refunding folks who buy good stuff, ruin it for lack of skills or understanding, and then want to return it for a full refund.
So now the seller is stuck with something he cannot resell and has to take a loss by no fault of his own. This is the reason for all the disclaimers pertaining to this matter on his sites. Put yourself in his position.
Let me tell you: I'm not quick to endorse anyone, but I have no problem sending Mr. Benson (aka JB) a money order in any amount along with a note requesting a shipment of knives knowing that after he receives it he will ship the order out in a timely manner as he always has. I have done this time and time again and never had an issue with anything. He never forgets me, and he always treats me with dignity and respect as I do him.
No, we are not related... I have never met him in person. We have only corresponded through email. I have found him to be a stand up guy in all our dealings, and I hope to continue our business relationship for a long time to come. Not to mention the amazing quality of every knife I have ever gotten from him... Valhalla Cutlery, Exiled... they are leaps and bounds above anything I have purchased elsewhere at several times the price.
You always get more than you pay for from his websites. Hell, if you make a purchase and disagree... I'll give you your damn money back! so... BUY HERE OR CRY LATER... YOUR CHOICE!
He's going to read this and say... "Who the hell is this guy?" I'm the guy who always buys 10 basic trainers at a time... yup... now you remember me, don't ya, JB?
Keep those awesome quality knives coming, my friend...
Nobody puts their heart and soul into their products like you do! 'nuff said! -Mick (aka thorwor).
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Re: Can anyone confirm if this site is level to buy from

Postby ric0shay » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:07 pm

Yes, I am from another country. Where I am the customs agents are particularly strict. For me I get the kits as they can be shipped in different packages.
I have had a seizure before from another vendor. "If you are going to spin the roulette wheel you have to except your fate" has to be an accurate thought here.
There has been real thought and effort to get parcels to me safely.
The kits are of good (or better) quality and go together without much fuss. If you get stuck there are plenty of resources on the net to help.
If you go this route and decide to get a kit, just be patient and a few packages will show up. It might take a few days but I have had good experiences so far.

I hope this helps
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Re: Can anyone confirm if this site is level to buy from

Postby Madmarco » Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:50 pm

Yes, you can definitely trust this site and people! I live where these products are strictly prohibited, but they ship them to me in separate pieces, and all have arrived successfully! Take note that this extra shipping costs them $, yet they do it willingly! Some of my items HAVE been seized, but released, upon finding that they are just "parts", which are not illegal to possess, and what I do with those "parts" is my business, not Customs! Order away with confidence, but be patient, as this procedure takes time to complete! Hope this helps! 8-) P.S.-Be honest, and straight-up with JB, and he'll respond the same. Try to fu*k with him, and you'll wish you hadn't!
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